Webinar “Sputnik V and its significance to India”

17th of October,2020 | Time :16.30Program Schedule:1. Welcome speech by Consul General of Russian Federation OLEG N.AVDEEV2. Dr. RANGA REDDY BURRI,President of Infection control Academy of India,“Indo-Russian strategic partnership in healthcare: Hope for the world”3. Dr.D.RAJIV RAJ, assistant professor – Department of general surgery, Sri Ramachandra institute of higher education and research, consultant general surgeon – Sri Ramachandra Medical centre,“History and evolution of Sputnik V vaccine”4. Dr.D.SURESH KUMAR , MD ,FNB(Inf. Disease), Consultant Infectious Disease , Apollo Hospitals , Chennai .“ COVID 19 and The role of Vaccine “5. Dr.LALIT LAKHWANI, Head-Clinical Development at Dr. Reddy’s Laboratory,“Sputnik V and its significance to India”6. Dr.M.Arunachalam, MD ( Minsk), Founder president RMGA and Chairman, Arunvijaya Hospital, Chennai“An outline on Russian vaccine SPUTNIK V“7. Interaction for 10 minutes .8. Vote of thanks by Dr.Babu Ganesh , MD ( Russia ) President , RMGA .Sputnik V VaccineClick Below

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